Testimonial Highlight: Dermatology Clinic Grows Remote Workforce

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Affiliated Dermatology®, a full-service dermatology clinic, shares its experience launching remote healthcare jobs.

Is Remote Work Possible In The Healthcare Industry?

According to a study published by Washington State University, the healthcare sector includes many industries, sub-industries, and various companies. The research mentioned any company involved in products and services related to health and medical care is represented in the healthcare sector and further categorized under six main industries.

Six Main Industries in the Health Care Sector

  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Equipment
  4. Distribution
  5. Facilities
  6. Managed health care

Healthcare Facilities Create On-Site Jobs & Remote Work Opportunities

Healthcare facilities are places that provide care for physical and mental health. Medline Plus said on-site health facilities include hospitals, outpatient care centers, specialized care centers, and clinics.

Many people go to a clinic for compliance with routine doctor’s appointments and checkups. These health facilities can be a physician’s private practice, a group practice setting, or a corporately owned clinic that may be connected to a larger healthcare system or hospital, according to information released by Rasmussen University.

An example of a specialized clinic is a dermatology clinic. Medical News Today defined dermatology as the area of medicine that focuses on health issues affecting the skin, hair, nails, and mucous membranes.

Affiliated Dermatology Clinic Opens To Remote Healthcare Job

Affiliated Dermatology® is a full-service dermatology group, with several Valley-wide locations, offering community health services in general dermatology, skin cancer detection and treatment, Mohs surgery, aesthetics, and allergy.

In July 2002, Dr. Richard L. Averitte, Jr. founded AffDerm with the mission of providing skin cancer prevention and treatment, medical and aesthetic dermatology services, and allergy testing. In the following years, Affiliated Dermatology® conquered new heights:

  • Created a residency program to train the next generation of healthcare professionals to help meet Arizona’s increased demand in various location
  • Built an in-house CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory
  • AffDerm founder established the Arizona Skin Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to providing financial aid to people with skin cancer who cannot afford treatment

As the dermatology group grew and built clinics in several sites, customers flourished, creating a mountain of workload and tasks. The management addressed the increase in demand by onboarding additional employees, including some remote healthcare staff.

Partnership Between Affiliated Dermatology and Remote Raven

Affiliated Dermatology® tapped Remote Raven, an outsourcing solutions company, to handle the search for talented individuals and the hiring process for work-from-home employees. According to a testimonial provided by AffDerm, the company hired only one remote personnel in the beginning. When they witnessed the valuable contribution of the sole offsite employee, they decided to open more jobs and hire more remote staff. The experience of Affiliated Dermatology® management with Remote Raven was a game changer, as mentioned in their testimonial. Now, the dermatology company benefits from the force of 12 ravens, a moniker for remote employees vetted by Remote Raven.

Remote Healthcare Jobs For Affiliated Dermatology

For Affiliated Dermatology®, Remote Raven delivered full-time offsite workers with exceptional skills and advanced tools to perform various tasks including:

  • Social media management
  • Conducting referrals and prior authorization
  • AR management
  • Managing collections
  • Scheduling
  • Revenue cycle audits
  • Data entry

Frequent Search: What Are Remote Healthcare Careers?

Depending on the specific remote work needs of a clinic or any healthcare establishment, Remote Raven will personalize the process of creating a job alert for you and your team. The Affderm management said they are satisfied with the possibility of creating several remote job categories, outsourcing multiple healthcare jobs, and increasing productivity without losing any control.

Most Common Remote Health Care Jobs

Can you work remotely in healthcare?

Healthcare is an ever-evolving field with a fast-paced environment, driven by the constant quest to improve patient outcomes and streamline medical processes. In 2020, when the global pandemic hit, the shift toward remote healthcare services accelerated. Top companies opened a new job category–remote-work health care provider. Now, there are various work-from-home responsibilities related to health that can be done in a full-time or part-time capacity. Remote Raven can put out a job alert and gain connections to talented individuals capable of performing healthcare jobs in a remote setup. Here are the most common remote healthcare jobs and positions:


Commonly, individuals with education in Chemistry are knowledgeable in analyzing organic and inorganic compounds, refining substances, and testing chemical products.

Tasks & Jobs of Remote Chemist

In a remote work setup, a chemist can fulfill tasks like data entry, conducting data analyses and literature reviews to inform activities related to chemical safety; providing support for environmental program implementation; contributing to quantitative and qualitative analyses and deliverables; and leading data integrity activities related to documents and records maintenance and archival in the Electronic Document Content workspace.


Traditionally, nurses are known for taking care of the sick or infirm, especially in a hospital. However, professionals with nursing backgrounds can now work from home.

Tasks & Jobs of Remote Nurse

According to the Indeed Career Guide, nurses can remotely perform tasks like evaluating patients over the phone and looking out for any sign of health emergency, coordinating care among different specialties, researching and writing medical documents, assisting in medical billing, and monitoring for insurance companies if the members’ patient care services are active.

Medical Coding, Data Entry

According to Insights Global, medical coding is the backbone of every revenue management cycle of a healthcare facility.

Tasks & Jobs of Remote Medical Coder

A Certified Professional Coder is responsible for reviewing the health and medical records of a patient after a visit and translating the information into codes that insurers use to verify and process claims from patients. Their duties include data entry, confirming treatments with medical staff, identifying missing personal and health information, and submitting forms to insurers for reimbursement.

Medical Transcriptionist

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said a medical transcriptionist uses electronic devices to convert voice recordings from physicians and other healthcare workers into formal reports.

Tasks & Jobs of Remote Medical Transcriptionist

Moreover, they also perform tasks like interpreting and transcribing the dictation for medical reports, such as patient histories, discharge summaries, and physical examinations; reviewing and editing drafts prepared by speech recognition software, making sure that the transcription is accurate, complete, and consistent in style; identifying inconsistencies, errors, and missing information in a report that could compromise patient care; and entering medical reports into electronic health records (EHR) systems.

Medical Billing

According to All Allied Health Schools, medical billers commonly take care of submitting a claim to an insurance company or other payer.

Tasks & Jobs of Remote Medical Biller

They are also knowledgeable on how to properly follow up on unpaid claims, draw up bills, and create payment plans. Their tasks commonly have the goal of ensuring a provider or facility is reimbursed the correct amount and in a timely manner.

Medical Call Representative

Clients often need assistance finding information about products and services, placing orders, and resolving issues.

Tasks & Jobs of Remote Medical Call Representative

In a clinical and remote work setting, the position of customer care representative handles a large volume of inbound and outbound calls for hospitals, medical offices, clinics, insurance companies, and nursing homes. Sometimes, they may also be responsible for administrative duties including data entry, patient intake paperwork, setting appointments, sending and receiving correspondence, checking a contract, and maintaining referral files. Moreover, they are also capable of reviewing submitted documents to make sure they have the proper information and are in compliance for billing purposes.

Other Careers And Healthcare Jobs In The Medical Sector

Besides the common roles directly related to healthcare, there are also other tasks that can be delegated to employees in a remote work setup. Healthcare establishments and even top companies may also create employment opportunities, either full-time or part-time, for roles like:

Search And Find The Best Remote Healthcare Employee

If you are in the business of providing health care and medical care to people, grab the opportunity to grow your enterprise by hiring full-time or part-time remote workers to take care of the administrative workload and other repetitive tasks like data entry. With the employees doing the heavy lifting, you, as the leader, may refocus your time and energy on doing more important roles and sign more clients. Regain your mental health clarity and let Remote Raven handle the search for the most qualified work-from-home employees for your job alert.

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