Enhance Business Operations With Outsourced IT Support Services

Navigating today’s tech-driven landscape can be challenging. With an ever-evolving array of systems and platforms, businesses need top-notch technical support to stay ahead. Outsourced IT support services present an exceptional solution, merging affordability with expert know-how to meet your IT requirements. 

At Remote Raven, we specialize in providing world-class IT support outsourced from the Philippines – a nation celebrated for its proficient IT workforce.


executive assistant

Help Desk Support Specialist

executive assistant

Service Desk Support Specialist

executive assistant

IT Service Management Support Specialist

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System Administrator

If you don’t see the position you’re looking for above, don’t worry – we can still help! Get a free consultation with us today.

Why Outsource Tech Support

Access to Expertise

With outsourced IT support services, you can leverage the skills and knowledge of IT professionals who specialize in various areas of tech support.

Round-the-Clock Support

Our team of IT virtual assistants in the Philippines operates in various time zones, offering 24/7 tech support to your business.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing eliminates the need for maintaining an in-house IT department, which can be a significant financial burden.


As your business grows, our outsourced IT support can easily adapt to your increasing needs.

Propel Your Business With Outsourced IT Support

Through specific tasks catered to your needs, outsourcing your IT Support ensures expert handling of all technical facets of your operations.

  • Help Desk Support: Encompasses immediate troubleshooting of common tech hitches, from software issues to user-level problems like password resets, facilitating an uninterrupted workflow.
  • Service Desk Support: Involves holistic IT services planning, identifying potential tech enhancements, and supporting your future needs to keep your operations at the forefront of technology.
  • IT Service Management: Focuses on the efficient delivery of IT services, handling everything from servers to network devices, ensuring that your systems run smoothly and your data stays secure.
  • System Administration: Responsible for maintaining computer systems, troubleshooting hardware, software, and network issues, and ensuring server security. It’s about the comprehensive upkeep of your IT infrastructure, keeping the cogs of your tech operations running smoothly.
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Remote Raven: Your Partner In Outsourced IT Support Services

At Remote Raven, we’re not just service providers; we’re partners in your business growth. Our outsourced IT support services are crafted to solve your technical shortages, amplify business efficiency, and stimulate development. 

We equip you with a competent team of IT virtual assistants from the Philippines, primed to provide unparalleled tech support tailored to your business objectives.

Choose Remote Raven and reinvent the way you handle technical support. It’s time to experience the transformative impact that our stellar outsourced IT support services can bring to your business. Get in touch with us today!


Yes, our virtual assistants can work according to your business hours. All our outsourced IT support services are adaptable and can accommodate different time zones within the United States.

Our search process for finding the right virtual assistants for your business is tailored to your specific needs. We customize the search based on the requirements of the position you are looking to fill, be it help with desk support, IT service management, and more.

We encourage all of our clients to provide the same paid time off to their Ravens that they provide to their w2 employees, as it is important to make them a part of your team.

The vast majority of our Ravens have at least one college degree.  Many have advanced degrees.

On average, we complete the search for a virtual assistant position within 15 business days or less.

No, we do not charge search fees.  You don’t pay us anything until we have found and placed a Raven with your organization.


Although the majority of our placements are 40 hours a week, we do make placements that are part-time roles.  We just need to know approximately how many hours are needed prior to starting your search.