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Affordable & Flexible

Remote Raven will connect you with a highly qualified virtual assistant to quickly fill your positions, allowing you time to focus on your business. Our local recruiting specialists are able to identify, interview and select potential candidates. With no start up fees, Remote Raven provides you with an affordable and flexible choice for finding your ideal professional.

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We Provide Professional, College-Educated And Well-Trained Remote Workers To Meet Your Hiring Needs.

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Our Remote Workers

Remote Raven thoroughly vets our virtual assistants so you can feel confident that you are getting a highly qualified professional that can meet your staffing needs. We work exclusively with remote workers from the Philippines. Our team includes a local recruitment specialist that is involved in every stage of our hiring process. Our virtual assistants are fluent in American English and many hold college degrees. Our rigorous professional development and soft skills training ensures you are getting a high-quality remote worker to fill your business needs.

Job Functions

We realize your time is valuable, so we want to make the process of getting a remote worker as easy as possible. You can start the virtual assistant hiring process two ways: complete the request a virtual assistant form or call us at 800-940-5919 .

Simplified Hiring Process

The hiring process for you could not be any simpler. Once we understand the role that you would like to fill, we follow a very detailed sourcing, assessment and screening process that ensures that we identify the ideal candidate for your company. When we identify that candidate who is the perfect fit, we let you know so that you can meet them.

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3 Easy Steps To Start Your Search

There is no limit to the roles that we can fill for you. Often times, the term Virtual Assistant is only thought of for administrative roles. The truth is that as long as the work that is required for the role can be performed remotely, the possibilities for using a remote worker are endless.

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