Virtual CPA

Embrace the future of accounting by outsourcing to remote accountants, including CPA-certified professionals. Our dedicated team of virtual assistants from the Philippines, well-versed in accounting software and processes, is primed to elevate your financial operations. With expertise in handling accounts receivable, accounts payable, and data entry, they guarantee precision in every task.

Why Hire a Remote Accountant?

Streamlined Operations

A remote accountant can refine your financial processes, allowing your business to concentrate on core strategies. From financial communication to transaction coordination, our experts tackle intricate accounting tasks with professionalism.

Cost Optimization

Embracing the concept of a VA accountant, CPA, and other remote accounting roles can lead to significant savings. By working with our virtual team, you avoid various overhead costs tied to maintaining an in-house accounting team, such as salaries, benefits, and office space.

Access Top Talent In The Philippines

By outsourcing to our virtual team in the Philippines, you tap into a vast pool of skilled professionals. Our remote senior accountants and virtual CPAs are experienced in various financial tasks, ensuring unparalleled service regardless of geographical limitations.

Expertise And Compliance

Our accountants are proficient in accounting policies. They ensure compliance with legal standards, guiding in managing accounting records and financial documents.

Client Testimonials

Elevate Your Financial Strategies With Virtual Assistance

  • Client Communication And Support: Our remote accountants maintain stellar client relationships, ensuring efficient communication. They excel in addressing client queries, resolving financial concerns, and maintaining trustworthy relationships, ensuring swift and effective communication.
  • Financial Management And Reporting: From bookkeeping and transaction tracking to reporting, our remote CPA experts provide extensive support for your financial management, emphasizing accuracy and transparency.
  • Vendor Management: Our virtual CPAs coordinate financial activities, tackle service requests, and oversee vendor relationships, ensuring timely solutions to financial issues.
  • Taxation and Audit Management: We have a specialized team to assist you in tax preparation, audits, and compliance. They ensure adherence to legal norms and aid in handling financial negotiations and documentation.
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Experience The Difference With Remote Raven's VA Accountants

Get in touch with us today to explore the potential of using remote accountants for your financial needs. Allow us to refine your operations, boost efficiency, and uplift your financial services.


Absolutely! Our VA accountants are flexible and adapt to your business hours, ensuring smooth collaboration across different time zones within the US.

We customize our search based on your exact needs, whether you require audit support, financial communication, or tax services. We aim to find an experienced virtual CPA fitting your prerequisites.

Yes, we urge our clients to extend similar benefits, including Paid Time Off, to their remote accountants. Establishing a beneficial working relationship is paramount to a productive partnership.

Our VA accountants possess a strong educational foundation, many specializing in the accounting industry. We ensure you get highly-qualified professionals.

Typically, we finalize the search for a remote accountant role within 15 business days or less. We guarantee a swift process with minimal disruption.

No, you only pay once we’ve successfully found and placed a remote accountant in your organization. Our commitment is to deliver value upfront.

We utilize a number of assessment tools that provide us key insights on each candidate’s skill set and emotional intelligence.

Although the majority of our placements are 40 hours a week, we do make placements that are part-time roles.  We just need to know approximately how many hours are needed prior to starting your search.

No, we don’t exclusively place virtual CPA positions. We also assist companies in hiring for a variety of other positions including other accounting roles, data management specialists, digital marketing professionals, technical support, and more. We strive to provide holistic hiring solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs.