Empower Your Organization With Outsourced HR Support

Embrace the future of HR management by outsourcing HR and recruiting services. Our dedicated team of HR specialists, recruiters, talent acquisition specialists, and virtual assistants are here to revolutionize your hiring processes and ensure HR excellence.

Specialized HR Roles

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Virtual Recruiter

executive assistant

HR Virtual Assistant

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Talent Acquisition Specialist

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HR Specialist

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Technical Recruiter

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Why Outsource HR Services

Streamline Your Hiring Processes

HR outsourcing allows you to streamline your hiring processes, saving valuable time and resources. With a virtual recruiter and HR virtual assistant by your side, you can focus on core business activities while leaving the intricate tasks of candidate sourcing, screening, and onboarding in expert hands.

Reduce Hiring Costs

Outsourcing HR services can significantly reduce hiring costs. With our virtual team, you avoid the expenses associated with in-house recruitment efforts, such as advertising, candidate screening, and conducting background checks.

Access Top Talent, Anywhere

By outsourcing HR to our virtual team in the Philippines, you tap into a vast pool of skilled professionals. Our recruiters and talent acquisition specialists are experts in sourcing and attracting top talent, regardless of geographical limitations.

Mitigate HR Risks

Our HR specialists are well-versed in employment laws, regulations, and compliance requirements. They can guide you in implementing fair employment practices, maintaining accurate employee records, and ensuring adherence to labor laws. By partnering with us, you minimize the risk of legal issues, penalties, and reputational damage, fostering a safe and compliant work environment.

Elevate Your HR Strategies With Outsourced HR Support

By tailoring solutions to your unique needs, outsourcing your HR support ensures expert oversight of all crucial aspects of your human resources functions.

  • Talent Acquisition And Recruitment: Involves sourcing, screening, and attracting top talent for your organization. Our HR virtual assistants streamline the hiring process, ensuring you have a pool of qualified candidates to choose from – saving you time and effort in finding the right fit for your team.
  • HR Policy and Compliance: Stay up-to-date with labor laws, regulations, and industry best practices. Our team will assist you in developing and implementing HR policies, ensuring compliance with legal requirements, and mitigating HR-related risks.
  • Employee Onboarding And Training: With our virtual HR support, you can provide a seamless onboarding experience for new hires. From paperwork and orientation to training coordination, our HR team ensures a smooth transition, helping new employees integrate into your organization effectively.
  • Performance Management And Employee Engagement: Our HR experts can assist in developing performance management systems, conducting employee evaluations, and implementing engagement strategies. By fostering a positive work environment and promoting employee growth, you can enhance productivity and job satisfaction within your organization.
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Empower Your HR Potential

Don’t settle for outdated methods when you can be at the forefront of HR innovation. Experience the benefits of remote HR support and elevate your organization to new heights.

Get in touch with us today to explore the possibilities of outsourced HR services and take your HR strategies to the next level. Let us help you thrive in the future of HR management.


Yes, our HR virtual assistants can work according to your business hours. We accommodate different time zones within the United States to ensure seamless collaboration and support.

Our search process is entirely customized based on your specific needs and the HR functions you are looking to fill. Our HR outsourcing services are tailored to find the best HR virtual assistant that aligns with your requirements.

We encourage our clients to provide the same paid time off benefits to their HR virtual assistants as they do for their W2 employees. It helps foster a sense of inclusion and ensures a harmonious working relationship.

We have a comprehensive process called “Safe Raven” that prioritizes data security and platform safety for our clients. We perform background checks and take measures to protect sensitive information.

On average, we complete the search for an HR virtual assistant position within 15 business days or less. We strive to find the right fit efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your HR operations.

No, we do not charge search fees. You only pay us once we have successfully found and placed an HR virtual assistant with your organization.

The majority of our HR virtual assistants have at least one college degree, and many have advanced degrees. We prioritize placing highly qualified and skilled professionals who can meet your HR needs effectively.