Customer Service Assistant

Welcome to Remote Raven’s next generation of customer support services: VA customer service specialist. Enhance your customer service experience by outsourcing all relations to one of our customer service specialists working remote from the Philippines. Discover a range of benefits, including efficient problem-solving, elevated customer support, and significant operational cost savings.

Our customer service VA empowers your in-house staff to concentrate on your core business goals. Experience streamlined processes, responsive customer engagement, and a tailored approach that meets the unique needs of your company, all while reaping the cost benefits of a remote workforce. 

Why Hire a Remote Customer Service Specialist?

Efficiency & Streamlined Processes

Our customer service specialists work remote from the Philippines and excel at solving problems in a fast-paced environment, handling customer support tickets and directing them to the appropriate departments within your company. They ensure your customer service experience is top-notch.

Cost Savings

Choosing a customer service specialist that works remote, over an in-house team, offers considerable benefits in terms of cost savings. You save on salaries, benefits, and office space.

Scalable Solutions For Every Business

From small companies to larger enterprises, we offer remote customer service agents who adapt to your specific services and business hours.

Work From Multiple Locations

Our remote customer service agents offer support across multiple sites, allowing flexibility and seamless service irrespective of your remote location.

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Key Features Of Our Remote Customer Service Services

  • Customer Support Tickets: Our remote customer service agents are proficient in managing incoming customer queries and problems. With a focus on excellent customer support, our virtual assistants guide each customer to the right resources.
  • Chat Support: Our VA customer service team specializes in real-time chat support, utilizing state-of-the-art devices to provide quick and accurate responses.
  • Data Entry: Our remote customer service specialists also handle data entry tasks. Whether it’s customer information or other critical documents, they handle data entry with attention to detail.
  • Handling Questions & FAQs: Missing the opportunity to answer a customer’s questions can be detrimental. Your customer service specialist from Remote Raven will make sure all customer questions are addressed, thus enhancing customer support.
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Upgrade Your Customer Relations

Take your first step in revolutionizing your customer service experience with Remote Raven. Contact us today to see how our remote customer service specialists can meet your needs. 


Our remote customer service chat agents work according to your business hours. If you’re interested, you can browse various remote customer service jobs we offer.

Yes, from healthcare to retail, to mortgage services, we offer a wide array of specialized remote customer service jobs.

No, our fee only applies once we have successfully placed a remote customer service specialist in your organization.

We use various assessment tools to ensure you get an assistant who fits well with your company culture and excels in customer support.

MST – 14 hours ahead 

EST –   12 hours ahead

CST –   13 hours ahead

PST  –  15 hours ahead

Yes, all of our remote customer service agents operate according to the client’s work hours, providing flexibility across every time zone within the United States. 

Our hiring process for remote customer service jobs is entirely customized based on the unique needs of each client and the specific customer service specialist remote role they are looking to fill.

Currently, we focus on long-term positions for customer service representatives. We do not offer project-based placements for remote customer service agents at this time.