Remote Attorney

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, legal challenges are as complex as they are critical. Companies seeking agile, cost-effective legal solutions find that hiring a remote attorney from the Philippines offers a multitude of benefits. 

Remote Raven is your premier partner in connecting with top-tier virtual attorney services, offering seasoned legal counsel adept in various legal disciplines.

Why Choose a Remote Attorney for Your Firm?

Enhance Efficiency

A remote attorney can handle a broad spectrum of legal documents and duties, including complex commercial transactions and civil litigation, with proficiency. Our remote attorneys are all accredited law school graduates who are experts in practicing law from a remote environment.

Cost Savings

With a virtual attorney, your company can bypass the overhead associated with in-house legal teams. You’ll get senior legal counsel or even assistant general counsel without the full-time expense.

Access to Philippines' Best

Engaging with our virtual attorney services gives you direct client contact with legal professionals who are members of the bar in good standing and possess a deep understanding of corporate finance and governance.

Comprehensive Legal Expertise

Our remote attorneys are not just well-versed in employment law; they bring a wealth of knowledge from multiple jurisdictions, ensuring compliance, offering legal advice, and adeptly handling employment complaints.

Client Testimonials

Diverse Legal Counsel Services

  • Corporate Counsel at Your Service: Our virtual attorneys serve as corporate counsel, providing advice on a daily basis to ensure your business is protected in all legal matters. From ensuring compliance to managing risk, our remote attorneys stand ready to support your firm.
  • Employment Law and Litigation: With specialization in a variety of fields, including employment law, our remote attorneys can serve as general counsel to navigate the intricacies of employment and litigation, safeguarding your company from potential legal disputes.
  • Intellectual Property Management: In an era where intellectual property is a valuable asset for any business, our remote attorneys are skilled in protecting and managing your intellectual property rights. Your attorney will work remote from the Philippines and handle everything from patent and trademark filings to litigating IP disputes, ensuring your creative assets are legally safeguarded.
  • International Business Transactions: As companies increasingly operate on a global scale, the complexity of international transactions grows. Our virtual attorneys are adept in handling complex international business affairs, including financing transactions, ensuring compliance with local and international laws, and managing risks.
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Your Pathway to Legal Excellence With Remote Raven

Our virtual attorney services are designed to cater to the increasing demand for remote legal counsel. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, our remote attorneys provide legal solutions that resonate with your business needs. Reach out today to learn more about our virtual assistant services.


Absolutely. Our remote attorneys are licensed attorneys from accredited law schools, ensuring the highest quality legal counsel for your company.

Our remote attorneys have experience in various legal fields, including corporate governance, intellectual property, and complex commercial transactions, offering comprehensive legal counsel for any situation.

We simplify the process for you. Tell us your needs, and we will find you the perfect match from our pool of experienced virtual assistants—ensuring a seamless fit for your company.

Yes! Our remote attorneys can adapt to your company’s business hours, catering to various time zones to ensure seamless collaboration with your legal team.

Our process is tailored to your specific legal needs. We customize the search based on the expertise in law practice and specialization you require.

Currently, our placements are geared toward long-term roles, ensuring consistent and high-quality legal counsel over time.

Our attorneys excel in a wide range of remote roles, including corporate counsel, employment law, intellectual property management, and international business transactions. They are primed to support and enhance your legal operations.

On average, our team ensures that the placement for a remote attorney role completes within 15 business days or sooner.

We rigorously prioritize the security and protection of all legal data. Our confidentiality protocols deploy advanced security technologies, encryption methods, and best practices to ensure the utmost confidentiality and data security.

No, we place roles across various sectors such as accounting, architecture and engineering, construction, data management, and healthcare, ensuring a wide range of expertise and specializations to meet different industry needs.

No. Charges apply only once we’ve successfully placed a remote attorney with your company. We emphasize value and quality from the very start.