Revolutionizing Real Estate: Benefits Of Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Real estate virtual assistants offer a wide range of services that can help real estate professionals and brokerage firms attain a steady growth in revenue and gain more clients. With the top-notch skills and talents of real estate virtual assistants, they can revolutionize the market and help you build an empire.

What Is Real Estate?

Real Estate is a term reserved for property or land that someone has purchased which is immovable by law, according to LinkedIn. For millions of people, estate, in the form of their homes, is the largest investment they will ever make and the single most valuable asset they will ever own.

Statistics revealed there are 106,548 real estate brokerage firms operating in the United States. Moreover, theAssociation of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) estimates that there are over 3 million active real estate licensees in the United States.

Real estate can become a lucrative endeavor because historically estate properties appreciate over time. According to an online post, the value of land in a state or country is a leading indicator of an economy’s health. Millions of jobs in home improvement, development, lending, insurance, and other businesses are directly impacted by the estate market.

Engaging Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services Can Help Your Business Grow

Dedicated support for real estate professionals offers a variety of business services.

Real estate virtual assistants help professionals handle documents and daily schedules, ultimately giving their employers more time to focus on selling different properties.

According to a blog, real estate virtual assistants help agents and managers win back their time so they can focus on the high-impact work that brings in revenue for the real estate business.

Benefits Of Hiring A Real Estate Virtual Assistant

  • Increased Productivity

The productivity of employees translates into the revenue growth of a company. If you are invested in the real estate industry, one way of increasing work productivity is hiring a virtual assistant.

A real estate VA commonly handles administrative tasks for real estate agents and brokers. By outsourcing repetitive tasks, real estate professionals can free up time to focus on the high-value activities that drive revenue.

  • Cost Effective

Start-up real estate companies hire virtual assistants over in-office employees because remote workers are considered independent contractors. For this reason, employers are not obligated to provide government-mandated benefits like health insurance and social security.

Moreover, real estate virtual assistants work in their own home office or at any place they prefer. Employers thus save on expenses like rent, electricity, cleaning services, and office supplies.

  • Access To Skilled Professionals

Outsourcing talents means having access to qualified individuals who live outside the state or even outside the country. A bigger talent pool provides more candidates and a better chance of finding the best virtual assistant for the specific needs of the business.

In addition, hiring real estate virtual assistants with an intermediate understanding of real estate and professional experience saves time and resources on training.

  • Improved Customer Experience

A real estate agent who focuses on business growth has a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes, because of their workload, they unintentionally fail to respond immediately to clients.

This specific concern can easily be addressed by onboarding a VA. A real estate VA provides administrative support including managing calls and emails. They can also act as a representative to clients and make outbound calls. In performing such tasks, virtual assistants help in improving customer experience.

Duties And Responsibilities Of A Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are known to handle administrative tasks. However, specialized-skilled VAs can also perform other specific tasks supporting the real estate team and the company.

Here are some of the tasks you can delegate to real estate virtual assistants:
  • Marketing Services

Real estate virtual assistants can contribute to the growth of the company by performing marketing-related duties like sending out emails and enhancing web presence. Moreover, they can generate content and develop marketing collaterals such as well-written copy for web publications, visually appealing graphics, and compelling videos.

  • Prospecting Services

Grow your client base by assigning tasks like cold calling to real estate virtual assistants. VAs can contribute to and boost lead generation by executing outbound emails, fielding incoming web inquiries, and following up with clients.

  • Transaction Coordination

A professional real estate VA can handle the responsibility of acting as a liaison between property buyers and sellers. They can coordinate transactions, monitor deadlines, and ensure compliance on all necessary steps from the initial purchase to closing different properties.

  • Customer Services

Remote assistants can provide excellent customer service support because they can work around the clock. If your real estate business has clients from different time zones, a VA or a team of virtual assistants can be available to receive client concerns for 24 hours.

The right VA is a great asset for any business as they can immediately address troubles for customers. When existing clients and prospective ones feel prioritized and given attention, they will continue to patronize the company bringing more real estate transactions.

  • Social Media Management

Besides website maintenance, real estate virtual assistants are also skilled in utilizing various social media platforms to boost revenue growth. They can perform lead nurturing by creating on-brand social media accounts and regularly posting content online to engage the target audience.

  • Personal Assistant Services

A remote assistant can also act as an executive virtual assistant for a real estate professional. They can handle calendar management and other tasks that may even be related to the personal life of the person they are assisting. A virtual assistant primarily performs tasks to free up more time for an executive or realtor so they can focus on more important roles and income-generating duties.

The services provided by real estate virtual assistants vary depending on your business needs. You can always rely on them to accomplish repetitive activities and provide administrative support to the executives or company departments. VAs can perform the following tasks—data entry, gathering documentation, planning real estate marketing events, coordinating with the sales team and other people at work, overseeing a real estate transaction, and performing follow-ups with prospective clients.

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Real estate virtual assistants promote productivity. By outsourcing administrative duties to a virtual assistant, real estate professionals can free up time to focus on the high-value activities that drive revenue, according to LinkedIn.

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