What Can Happen If You Hire A Marketing Assistant For Your Business?

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One challenge of a new business is looking for clients. Find out if a marketing assistant can contribute to growing a startup business.

What Is A Marketing Assistant?

A marketing assistant is also known as a junior marketer. They are commonly responsible for providing support to senior marketing staff when executing marketing campaigns and analyzing their impact.

What Does A Marketing Assistant Do?

Marketing Assistant Job Description, Roles and Responsibilities

According to Indeed, marketing assistants work as part of a larger marketing team to offer administrative support and fill in on essential tasks. They usually perform daily administrative tasks and general clerical tasks for the office like answering phones, organizing files, printing reports, and sending outgoing mail.

A marketing assistant can also accomplish various tasks like:

1. Content Creation

Marketing assistants play an important role in creating content, both traditional and digital. They are responsible for writing blog posts, social media updates, and email campaigns. It is crucial that a marketing assistant is creative and compelling because their outputs are expected to drive brand awareness and lead to customer engagement.

Common content formats include:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • White papers
  • eBooks
  • Infographics
  • Social media posts
  • Press releases
2. Management of Social Media Accounts

One of the effective marketing strategies is to create various social media accounts. The marketing assistant is responsible for signing up company accounts on different platforms, and regularly posting content. Additional tasks of marketing assistants are scheduling posts, responding to comments and social media inquiries, and analyzing audience feedback and performance data to refine the social media strategy.

3. Market Research

All businesses should conduct market research in order to create a personalized business plan. When conducting market research, a marketing assistant identifies new opportunities and threats surrounding the company’s vision. A good marketing assistant provides quantifiable and reliable data that allows business leaders to make informed decisions.

4. Email Marketing

Coursera defines email marketing as a form of digital marketing that uses email to connect with potential customers, raise brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and promote marketing efforts. With these goals in mind, marketing assistants are adept at sending out emails to engage previous customers, forwarding messages, and helping meet marketing goals for the success of different departments of the company.

Some common types of emails include:

  • Welcome emails
  • Email newsletters
  • Promotional emails
  • Lead nurturing emails or re-engagement emails
  • Transactional emails, such as confirmation emails or password reset notices
  • Feedback or survey emails
  • Milestone emails, such as for customer birthdays or anniversaries
5. Data Analysis

Various marketing channels provide diverse data. Sometimes, market information is overwhelming and hinders marketing executives from coming to a final decision. A good marketing assistant is skilled in organizing data to measure and interpret campaign performance.

6. SEO and Website Management

Marketing assistant duties and responsibilities also include optimizing website content for search engines. They commonly utilize CRM tools in working on-page and off-page SEO and improving brand visibility online.

What Can Happen If You Hire A Marketing Assistant For Your Business?

The Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Assistant

Cost Effective

If you are a hands-on business owner, it is strategic to hire a marketing assistant rather than employing a full-time marketing manager with a marketing department. A reliable marketing assistant with demonstrated experience can take on various marketing tasks, and execute your strategies and vision without the high cost of a senior marketing professional.

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Increased Productivity, Time-Saving

A marketing assistant with proven experience can definitely contribute to increasing productivity. They can take care of routine tasks like:

  • Compiling and distributing information such as online analytics, social media analytics
  • Monitoring social media accounts, creating content, and responding to messages
  • Analyzing questionnaires
  • Contributing ideas to marketing campaigns
  • Compiling and distributing financial information
  • Writing marketing and website text using MS Office or other programs
  • Organizing presentations, events, and sometimes online courses
  • Assisting with promotional activities, and recording related costs
  • Liaising with customers and external agencies
  • Helping to organize market research
Fresh Ideas and Perspective

Marketing assistant job positions are usually open to new graduates. Given their newly acquired bachelor’s degree, young professionals have the advantage of coming up with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

Moreover, youngbloods are also up-to-date with the market’s new software tools that can quickly gather data and conduct web analytics that can greatly benefit in creating marketing strategies to grow the company’s presence overall.

5 Key Skills For Successful Marketing Assistants

  1. Communication

According to LinkedIn, a marketing assistant should possess strong communication skills both written and verbal. It is important to be very fluent in communicating with other people because marketing assistants are expected to regularly collaborate with team members, vendors, and other company employees to understand the needs of the marketing managers and the whole marketing department as well.

  1. Creativity

Commonly included in every marketing assistant job description is the task of creating content. Given that, an individual aspiring to land a marketing assistant job should have the imagination and originality to create visually appealing materials depending on the market of the brand.

  1. Analytical & Adaptable

A marketing assistant performs administrative tasks and provides support to the whole marketing department. It is expected that sometimes they are given uncommon tasks. To fulfill a marketing assistant job, the individual should be adaptable and able to multi-task with various responsibilities. They should be analytical in performing duties even with minimal supervision from the marketing coordinator.

  1. Leadership

When executing sales strategies, marketing assistants should assert themselves to stand out. Conducting trade shows and promotional events requires leadership skills and people skills in order to organizationally coordinate with other associates and effectively reach out to the target market.

  1. Tech-Savvy

A marketing assistant should be well-informed about the latest digital trends.

Another important skill for this position is being tech-savvy. With excellent knowledge of utilizing Microsoft Office, Google Adwords, Adobe Creative Cloud and any digital marketing software, a marketing assistant can greatly contribute to generating a marketing strategy and marketing activities, and creating likable content for various social media platforms.

Can A Marketing Assistant Work From Home?

Yes! Marketing assistant roles can now be delegated to remote or offshore workers.

Any business with marketing strategies will benefit from hiring a marketing assistant. Especially when the applicant or potential employee has a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree, and professional experience in performing marketing initiatives and another relevant field–like sales experience.

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