Industries That Greatly Benefit From Hiring Virtual Assistants

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Will Your Company Benefit From Employing A Virtual Assistant?

Every year Fortune, Forbes, and other business publications release their lists of rising and thriving industries. Researchers share their data, analysis, and opinions on how the economy will unravel and affect our lives.

Last year, experts believed that businesses related to Personal services, Travel, Information technology, Healthcare, and Construction will immensely grow in 2023. The increasing demand in these industries has created opportunities for skilled individuals who can provide professional remote support services. Presently, these skilled individuals are known as virtual assistants.

A Guide To Virtual Assistants Tasks For Different Businesses

Information Technology

In 1958, Harold J. Leavitt and Thomas L. Whisler defined information technology as the techniques for the fast processing of information; the use of statistical and mathematical models for decision-making; and the simulation of higher-order thinking through computer programs.

Now casually known as IT, the industry is a broad professional category covering functions including building communications networks, safeguarding data and information, and troubleshooting computer problems.

Duties Of A Virtual Assistant In The Information Technology Industry

The information technology sector was among the first to recognize the advantages of using a Virtual Assistant. Remote employees hired by IT companies are commonly responsible for web development, website maintenance, writing and testing the code for computer applications and software programs, and even administrative work. If you can identify other tasks you can outsource, a well-trained virtual assistant is the best addition to your IT team.

Personal Services

The Business Research Company defines personal services as any business that offers day-to-day household, and individual assistance services. Some examples of ventures that are considered personal services are event planning, pet care, beauty salons, spas, massage parlors, and even funeral homes.

Tasks Of A Virtual Assistant In The Personal Services Industry

If you are an owner or manager of the businesses mentioned or similar, you can hire a virtual employee to provide administrative support and perform other tasks. A virtual assistant, sometimes referred to as a VA, is skilled in performing duties that support day-to-day business operations. Professional virtual assistants can handle booking appointments, calendar management, processing refunds, and social media marketing.

Travel And Hospitality

According to a report published by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the travel and hospitality industries have recently seen a resurgence as Covid-19 restrictions continue to ease. This year surely brings hope for continued growth in this sector.

Duties Of A Virtual Assistant In The Travel and Hospitality Industry

If you are an owner or manager of a hotel, travel agency, tour operator, and other similar ventures, your business can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant. Delegating repetitive tasks to remote employees can help you focus on more important duties and income-generating activities. Virtual assistants are skilled in responding to emails and phone calls in a timely manner, handling customer data, and moderating social media accounts. VAs can also manage travel arrangements and administrative work.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted the healthcare industry will exponentially grow from 2019 to 2029. Experts believe the thriving industry is brought upon by the aging baby boomer generation, longer life expectancies, and continued growth in the number of patients with chronic medical conditions.

Due to the increase in demand for various medical services, owners of specialized clinics and even hospitals have started delegating tasks to remote employees. A general virtual assistant commonly performs duties similar to a receptionist at a clinic or hospital. They are responsible for answering and returning calls to patients, booking appointments, social media management, and sometimes even doing personal errands upon request of the doctor.

Tasks Of A Virtual Assistant In The Healthcare Industry

Some remote assistants have professional backgrounds and experience in the medical field. Their specialized training allows them to competently handle duties like medical coding–data entry, reviewing medical records of patients, translating information into codes for insurance processing, confirming treatments with medical staff, identifying missing or wrong information, and submitting forms to insurers for reimbursement.


The dictionary defines a law firm as a group of lawyers who work together as a business. Law firms are known to hire a lot of employees including consultants, attorneys, paralegals, and support and administrative staff. More often than not, attorneys spend their time studying cases and strategizing how to win justice for clients.

Duties Of A Virtual Assistant In The Law Industry

If you are the founder or manager of a firm, you can continue focusing on cases and let a dedicated virtual assistant handle routine tasks and other basic administrative tasks. A well-trained virtual assistant can easily perform duties like scheduling meetings, email management, and chat support. Additionally, if your firm would like to boost its online presence, a virtual assistant is capable of writing blogs for your website and handling social media platforms to maintain a consistent brand image.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the educational services sector comprises establishments that provide instruction and training in a wide variety of subjects. Services related to learning are commonly delivered by teachers or instructors who explain, tell, demonstrate, supervise, and direct learning.

Technology has surely made its mark in this sector. Some traditional educational setups are physical institutions, workplace training, and even homeschooling. Moving forward, learning can now be provided through correspondence, television, the internet, and other various distance-learning methods.

Tasks Of A Virtual Assistant In The Education Industry

If you are a member of the education supersector, hiring a virtual assistant can help you save time from doing all the tasks. Professional remote service providers are trained to handle administrative duties and public relations. You can safely delegate to a virtual assistant tasks like data entry, content management, and creating PowerPoint presentations. Most virtual assistants are skilled in reviewing documents. They make sure your documents are free from typos, content inaccuracies, and other issues before publication.


A report released by Carnegie Mellon University said the media and entertainment industry consists of film, television, radio, and print. These segments include movies, TV shows, radio shows, news, music, newspapers, magazines, and books.

Duties Of A Virtual Assistant In The Education Industry

An event planner is a helpful employee in this sector. Furthermore, hiring a virtual assistant for this position can accomplish the following tasks and duties: writing press releases, researching locations, contacting caterers, coordinating with suppliers, booking speakers, and even conducting market research. Virtual assistants can also handle specialized tasks like basic video editing, graphic design, and content writing.

Real Estate

The Allied Market Research released a case study indicating the real estate market was valued at $28,917.7 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $4,923.3 billion by 2031. This supersector includes buying and selling residential, commercial, and industrial properties such as flats, bungalows, offices, and villas.

Tasks Of A Virtual Assistant In The Real Estate Industry

To better manage their time, professionals in this sector have contracted virtual assistant services. A Virtual assistant in the real estate industry is skilled in performing various administrative duties. They can also handle project management, digital marketing, inventory management, and preparing customer spreadsheets. Some virtual assistants are skilled in conducting data input and data quality research. They can ensure that all your data are accurate and reliable.

Accounting and Financial

Financial accounting is the documentation of the finances of a business using various reports and statements, according to an article published online by People with knowledge of the nature of work related to this sector understand how time-consuming the tasks are.

Most businesses are expected to be responsible for managing their own accounting and financial reports. However, owners sometimes get overwhelmed when faced with tons of paperwork and data.

Duties Of A Virtual Assistant In The Accounting Industry

Do you think your business needs support in handling the financial accounting work? A virtual assistant with a background in accounting can help you manage the workload. Many virtual assistants specialize in bookkeeping tasks, preparing financial records, and utilizing accounting software. Professional remote support employees can also perform various administrative tasks including answering emails, scheduling meetings, and filing expenses.

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