Virtual Research Assistant: Services, Benefits And Advantages

Many professionals from various sectors have taken advantage of hiring a virtual research assistant. A virtual assistant who specializes in research can perform multiple types of data investigation depending on the specific needs of a project.

Companies from the healthcare industry are known for employing virtual assistants to conduct research. Besides hospitals, clinics, and pharmaceuticals, remote researchers can also provide services to other organizations like marketing companies, universities, publications, and real estate agencies.

At a cost-effective salary rate, leaders can now obtain access to valuable information and organized data which can generally benefit their company. A research virtual assistant can provide support and valuable contributions to any company that hires them.

What Is A Virtual Assistant For Research?

According to LinkedIn, a virtual research assistant is a qualified and capable individual who works remotely and handles activities relating to online research for a company, a brand, or a professional. Having completed work of a similar nature, research virtual assistants can compile resources from the internet and compose them in an easy-to-understand format.

Digging for sources and information can be a lengthy process. A virtual research assistant is familiar with all the search engines and utilizes them to yield the most useful information for clients.

Services Offered By Research Virtual Assistant

Virtual research assistants can perform research activities and other complex tasks. According to an online report, virtual assistants can conduct different types of research. Here is a list of services typically offered by a remote researcher:

Market Research and Product Research

A virtual research assistant can conduct market research and product research. In the process, they use competitive intelligence to compile data and reliable details on products, demand, and competitors.

Many clients from various industries delegate market research tasks to virtual assistants because the gathered information allows business leaders to make data-driven decisions for the organization.

Moreover, virtual research assistants can also define, gather, and analyze information through internet research to produce custom views that are specific for every user.

Influencer Research

According to a Spain-based marketing company, influencer research is the process of investigating and vetting influencers. The goal of the research process is to find an influencer who is a good fit for the specific nature and characteristics of a brand and or a campaign.

A good marketing strategy is having the right influencer for the brand. Finding the best influencer through research can elevate profits by leaps and bounds.

A competent research virtual assistant can help businesses save time and come up with the top candidates from the lineup of influencers available online.

Comparative Research

Comparative analysis is the process of comparing items to one another and distinguishing their similarities and differences. According to Indeed, when a business wants to analyze an idea, problem, theory, or question, conducting a comparative analysis allows it to better understand the issue and form strategies in response.

A research virtual assistant can perform comparative research online by obtaining information or data on varied market products, technologies, or growth cycles. Companies conduct comparative analysis to understand the growth and development of the business and even their competitors.

Gathering Primary Information

Research virtual assistants can use other forms of research tools apart from internet research.

Labor experts said VAs can perform business opportunity research for companies in various industries. They can conduct interviews, collect customer opinions, organize focus groups, and conduct email-based surveys.

Collaborating Secondary Information

A virtual research assistant maximizes the availability of the internet when performing research.

Companies can rely on virtual research assistants to collect pre-researched data or secondary information like reports created before the process, legal and government procedures, and census reports. Virtual assistants for research make sure all their sources provide reliable secondary information.

Qualitative and Quantitative Information Compilation

Besides research, an experienced virtual research assistant can interpret information.

Remote researchers offer business research services to various industries and compile the data into a presentation that can be used by companies in their present and future projects. They can create both qualitative presentation and quantitative presentations depending on the needs of the business or brand.

Following the collection of information, research virtual assistants are skilled in finding relationships between data, digressing the composition, and figuring out anomalies if there are any.

Database Research

According to the University of Houston Libraries, a research database is an organized, searchable collection of information that allows you to quickly search many resources simultaneously. A research virtual assistant can mine data from the internet and work on data processing to create database research. A professional remote researcher can arrange information in a systematic order.

Data Research and Analysis

Several businesses can hire a research virtual assistant to perform research projects for the organization. Insightful market research can make a difference for business owners because they can gain actionable insights. Information gathered through market research of a research virtual assistant, business owners can streamline operations and increase the revenue generated.

Overall, a remote research assistant offers a variety of services. Companies can engage in multiple data research services at cost-effective rates.

Businesses That Can Benefit From Having A Remote Research Aid

Research virtual assistant services are in demand in the healthcare industry. More specifically, a virtual assistant for research can bring benefits to:

  • Clinical research organizations
  • Private hospitals and NHS trusts
  • Research and development organizations
  • Health-related charities

Other than the healthcare industry, a virtual assistant can bring quality research services to:

  • Universities
  • Publications
  • Marketing Companies
  • Real estate agencies
  • Law firms
  • Outsourcing companies
  • Accounting and financial organizations

Advantages Of Hiring A Virtual Research Assistant

Cost Efficient

In general, remote workers are budget-friendly compared to onsite employees. The truth remains when hiring a virtual research assistant.

Companies receive quality services from highly skilled remote researchers without the need to spend on office space rent, electricity, and office supplies. Salary and government-mandated benefits also significantly differ between a virtual assistant and an onsite worker.

A successful business leader understands that savings can be spent on more important projects that will boost the company’s growth.


Existing data shows that business owners who employ a virtual assistant save a lot of time that can be redirected to income-generating tasks.

With a virtual research assistant, leaders can delegate time-consuming tasks like gathering important data online, interpreting information, keeping track of competitor’s activities, monitoring the latest marketing trends, and learning the latest technologies for business operations.

Revenue Growth

There are several ways on how to boost business revenue. Some strategies are identifying the target audience, growing the customer base, and conducting data-driven engagement. These strategies can be executed by companies with the help of reliable information gathered by research virtual assistants.

The expertise and professional knowledge of a remote researcher can provide business leaders with valuable data before making decisions that can increase revenue.

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