Virtual Assistant For Bloggers: Like Or Dislike?

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What Is Blogging and Vlogging?


According to Indeed, blogging refers to publishing various forms of content, including articles, photos, and infographics, online. Blogging often involves sharing the world long-form articles on a specific subject. Moreover, blog posts have a target audience. Given that, bloggers often choose topics and new ideas that interest their target audience to attract more traffic to their websites.

The content and website where blogs are posted can be owned by an individual or a company. Some brands have blog posts on their websites to make it easier for their clients and potential customers to know about the company.


Indeed defined vlog as a shortened term for the phrase “video blog.” As a blog is a webpage updated by a content creator with writeups and other text forms, a vlog is a site where a vlogger posts short-form or long-form videos.

Often, vlogging is done by a person using a camera to informally communicate with a virtual audience and share updates on their life or a specific topic.

The are multiple gadgets and tools commonly needed when vlogging like a high-quality camera, microphone, lighting equipment, laptop or cellphone, and video editing software.

Digital Content Creation

Blogging and vlogging are both considered digital content creation because the materials are all posted online including websites and social media accounts. Both blogging and vlogging are powerful tools used by various corporations in the field of marketing.

However, despite their similarities, there are also significant differences.

A blog and a vlog can be distinguished from one another based on the materials they post. If the post was published in text form including images and gifs, it is considered a blog. On the other hand, if the content is in video form including audio and animations, it is considered a vlog.

In today’s market landscape, a vlog has more potential to gain a profitable number of views and engagement. The popularity of vlogging is driven by the movement of social media platforms to focus on short-form videos.

A blog channel with thousands of followers can earn affiliate income and extra income from brands and companies.

It is now common and acceptable to interchange the terms “blogging” and “vlogging”. When a person or brand executes a social media marketing strategy by posting digital content, the person behind the keyboard or the camera may be called either a blogger or a vlogger.

Different Content Of Bloggers

A well-known category of digital content creation is Food blogging. It is a feature of food journalism interlinking a gourmet interest in food, blog writing, and food photography. Other ideas and well-known formats in blogging are:

  • Tutorials
  • Current Events
  • Interviews
  • Comedy
  • Product Reviews
  • Tech Comparison
  • Movie & Book Reviews
  • Beginner Guides
  • Sports Updates

Virtual Assistant Services For Bloggers

When creating a video and a blog post, content creators perform several activities before producing relevant material. Bloggers and vloggers brainstorm about various topics, conduct research on ideas, execute interviews, and do other tasks before writing or video editing.

The multitude of tasks in content creation is time-consuming. When a blogger is buried in pre-production work, they cannot generate digital materials regularly. This may become a problem because online audiences always want something new to read or watch. If a blogger cannot meet the demands of their audience, they may lose their followers and diminish potential clients that generate income.

Now that the work environment is shifting to a remote setup, virtual assistant services and jobs have been gaining popularity. Virtual assistants are offsite employees who provide work aid to a professional or a company depending on their specific needs. Some of the most common industries that hire virtual assistants to perform administrative roles and accomplish repetitive tasks are Information Technology, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality, and Accounting.

The Entertainment industry, where bloggers belong, is also recognizing the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. Bloggers and other employers can create a job description based on the responsibilities they plan on delegating.

Virtual Assistant Blog Services: Skills, Common Tasks, and Responsibilities

Clerical Duties

The virtual assistant business flourished when the pandemic hit. Big and small business owners needed employees to perform repetitive tasks. When people were asked to isolate, people skilled in performing clerical duties started offering their services in the comforts of their homes.

A virtual assistant for a blogger can answer phone calls, make travel arrangements, schedule appointments, keep and organize records, and communicate with other staff and potential clients.


Before writing blogs and creating videos, most bloggers first conduct research on their chosen topic.

Performing extensive research can take a lot of time. A blogger can share the task or completely delegate research with a virtual assistant. VAs have the skills to conduct research and interviews depending on the subject in focus.

With time saved from conducting research, bloggers can perform another more vital role that may help in increasing their followers.

Drafting and Creating Content, Graphic Design

Virtual assistants with specific skills are capable of writing drafts and creating graphics. Some VAs have work experience as content writers and can compose write-ups faster and better.

Bloggers can work on different projects simultaneously by hiring virtual assistants to write blog posts, create infographics, and generate other digital content. Once drafts are finished, a blogger can review the output and edit the materials according to their branding before publishing them on their own website.

Email Marketing and Management

Reading emails, and responding to important messages are some of the most common tasks delegated to virtual assistants.

If a blogger hires a VA, they can be assured that their email account will be organized. Bloggers can stop worrying about missing opportunities or missing an ideal client offer sent through email. With the services provided by virtual assistants, all emails sent to a blogger will be read regularly and responded to immediately.

Virtual assistants also have the ability to execute email marketing campaigns to help their audience grow.

Social Media Management and Marketing

Bloggers use the power of Facebook groups and social media to gain an audience and increase their blog followers. Depending on their strategy, bloggers can create one or multiple accounts for each social media channel.

Sometimes handling several online accounts can become overwhelming and exhausting. The role of a virtual assistant is to maintain focus in managing all accounts in various social media channels and make sure the posts are aligned and consistent.

A virtual assistant’s job includes scheduling more posts for the accounts of a blogger to maintain regular activity. Moreover, a VA can also respond to comments, react to any feedback, and respond to personal messages and inquiries. Maintaining regular activity on all social media channels benefits bloggers because it helps their audience grow and maintain the connection with their existing followers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

According to Search Engine Land, SEO is the process of improving a website to increase its visibility in Google, Microsoft Bing, and other search engines whenever people search.

A website or online platform that has a high SEO score shows up in the top results when people search online for products, services, and information.

Bloggers can benefit from the expertise of virtual assistants with a background in IT and online marketing. A virtual assistant skilled in the latest SEO trends can generate materials and content that can boost the SEO score of a website blog or social media account.

Secretarial Assignments

The VA business is known for providing work assistance to a professional or a business. The most common duties delegated to virtual assistants are administrative and secretarial tasks, email management, and scheduling appointments.

Specifically for bloggers, a virtual assistant can perform secretarial assignments like answering phone calls, managing work schedules, making travel arrangements or restaurant reservations, preparing correspondence, and documenting production expenses. These are some and there are several other tasks that a virtual assistant can accomplish for a blogger.

How To Hire A Blogging Virtual Assistant

Are you a blogger or an aspiring content creator? If you would like to be more productive in generating great content, we recommend hiring a virtual assistant to help you on a regular basis with administrative tasks and several other duties depending on your specific needs.

Assistants can now accomplish responsibilities from the comforts of their home. With a virtual assistant, you do not have to worry about expenses like office space, transportation allowance, and utilities. It is a convenient way of getting extra help without hurting the business budget.

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