Vantage Point: Best Project Management Tools For Remote Teams

Remote Jobs On Demand

Several industries continue to hire for roles that can be accomplished remotely, according to an article published online by CNBC.

A well-known job site provided data identifying the top industries offering ample remote work opportunities with six-figure salaries. This includes:

  1. Tech
  2. Marketing
  3. Project management

Moreover, some of the fastest-growing remote jobs are in STEM fields namely engineering, product design, and data science. All of which have seen steady remote job growth.

The demand for remote workers, from entry-level to senior-level, continues to provide diversity in the workplace. At present, the offsite work arrangement benefits both employers and employees. The significant advantages help working from home become a permanent option in the labor landscape.

The situation of offsite working has improved over the years. When businesses shifted to allowing employees to work remotely, they identified various challenges and concerns during the process. Experts in team management and workplace operations conducted studies to create solutions for a better and improved experience of working from home.

Best Remote Project Management Tools

According to LinkedIn, having reliable remote project management tools is essential in an offsite work environment. A reliable project management tool ensures a seamless workflow and enables effective monitoring of work progress and expenses.

Utilizing remote project management tools helps improve collaboration among team members who are geographically dispersed, enhances productivity by streamlining processes, and provides flexibility in work locations. Some other project management tools offer real-time updates on project progress, efficient resource management, centralized documentation, and scalability for different project sizes. Additionally, some other project management software ensures data security for sensitive project information in a remote working environment.

If your business employs remote staff, here are some of the project management tools you can try:

1. Microsoft Teams

Teams became Microsoft’s household name for online collaboration specifically designed for the hybrid and flexible working era. According to Microsoft’s records, project management software is used by 330,000 companies worldwide.

Microsoft Teams is powerful in providing seamless communication among remote team members because it offers chat functionality, audio and video conferencing, and document sharing within a single interface.

Project managers and clients can collaborate effectively with all team members on projects, share updates, and track progress seamlessly with the feature to create channels in Teams.

Of its many comprehensive features, Microsoft Teams is also known for seamless file management and file sharing because the software can be integrated with other Microsoft tools like SharePoint and OneDrive.

2. Time Doctor

According to, Time Doctor is a time-tracking and attendance solution that can help employers and project managers monitor virtual workers’ hours, activities, and tasks.

Moreover, Time Doctor also has many features that can help keep employees on track and improve productivity like sending distraction alerts when employees go off task for too long. The software also takes screenshots and screen recordings to serve as proof of work for clients and employers.

3. Virtual Space

Virtual Space is an all-in-one and simple project management software designed to revolutionize remote team collaboration.

It offers collaboration features that allow the whole team to experience a barrier-free virtual environment to connect and communicate effectively. According to LinkedIn, Virtual Space brings a remote project team together regardless of their physical locations.

4. Asana

According to Tech Republic, Asana is one of the best software solutions when it comes to work management. The platform offers team management tools, collaboration tools for multiple projects, and productivity instruments. Moreover, Asana’s cloud-based platform provides a stack of tools to help team members automate and optimize project workflows.

Asana team claims that 85% of Fortune 100 companies use their platform.

Asana is accessible through a desktop app, web browser, and mobile app. As a result, employers and clients rely on it in managing remote teams.

5. Trello

Trello has multiple essential features to help managers and employers run remote projects smoothly across time and space, according to Happy Fox. From its conception, Trello was intended to make remote collaboration and offsite task management easier for virtual employees.

The program is distinctive for having boards, lists, and cards. Each feature serves a distinct purpose, with the boards exhibiting the projects and their information; the lists having the titles; and the cards serving as the fundamental unit.

Some of its standout elements are keeping tasks organized by status to track progress, organizing resources through powerful reporting functionalities, assigning cards to project team members, adding due dates, labels, and custom fields to track work by the contributor, and utilizing power-ups to bring enhanced features or third-party integrations into Trello.

6. Google Drive

Besides monitoring project performance and project status, managers and employers also need a tool that serves as a storage for work files that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service that allows remote teams to store and share files securely. It provides a central location where team members can access files from anywhere, making it easy to collaborate on projects. Moreover, Google Drive can be integrated with other Google platforms like Google Calendar.

7. Dropbox

Another popular file-sharing and collaboration tool widely used by remote teams is Dropbox. It offers secure cloud storage and allows team members to access files like project templates, guidelines for complex projects, and several other work documents.

Dropbox has special features like file syncing, sharing permissions, and advanced search capabilities. It simplifies file management and enhances productivity in different projects for remote teams.

8. Jira

This program is specifically built for software development projects. According to Turing, Jira is an extremely flexible tool that can be customized to suit the unique workflows of different remote teams. Reviews reveal that Jira can provide increased visibility and productivity when releasing new products or software. As per Atlassian’s data, over 65,000 companies worldwide have enforced Jira because of its resource management capabilities. Its task management features deliver robust flexibility to support any project.

What Is The Best Project Management Solution?

Identifying the best project management software for your remote team is quite challenging. All available platforms offer many common and unique features that greatly help in managing projects and monitoring daily business operations. Some platforms can automatically assign tasks and create tasks depending on information inputted by the project manager. Other tools can even perform simple task management.

In conclusion, depending on the specific needs of your business, all PM tools qualify as the best choice. If you are still unsure about what program to use for your company, you can try your top picks via their free demo or free version to acquire first-hand information about the performance and compatibility of the software to your business.

The Benefits Of Hiring Remote Employees

The continuous advancement of technology greatly helps in improving the experience between remote employers and employees. With the help of project management tools for remote teams, working outside of the traditional office setup has become more convenient. Proper project planning and project scheduling allow employers to acquire the maximum benefits from hiring virtual employees.

Generally, remote staff are preferred by business owners because of their modest salary rates compared to in-person employees. Beyond the cost-efficiency of hiring virtual employees, there are also several other advantages like the following:

  • Save time from tedious administrative and repetitive tasks
  • Boost work efficiency
  • Gain access to specialized skills and services
  • Improved customer services
  • Healthier work environment because of a well-distributed workload
  • Reduced micromanagement

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