preparing financial reports using remote accounting

Accounting is an essential part of a business at any stage. Maintaining accounting records is a task that starts even before you launch your business. However, most small businesses don’t have access to accounting services. Remote accounting positions are gaining more traction due to this need.

Hiring an in-house accountant or third-party firm is expensive. Virtual accountants or accounting freelancers are much cheaper alternatives. But even then, employing these part-time virtual accountants is not cost-effective if you pay their steep professional fees for basic accounting tasks.

For these reasons, hiring virtual assistants who can do basic accounting jobs is becoming a much better alternative. Virtual assistants can perform remote accounting positions at a fraction of an accountant’s salary. What is remote accounting? It is when professionals work remotely to manage, analyze, and report on a company’s financial transactions. On top of that, these VAs can also help you in other areas of running your company.

In this article, we look into the job description of virtual assistants for accounting, how they differ from virtual accountants, and the remote accounting positions they can do for you.

Virtual Accountant vs. Virtual Assistant

A virtual accountant is simply an accountant who works online. Instead of working in the office, virtual accountants work remotely using accounting software, project management applications, and other online tools, fulfilling many remote accounting positions in the industry.

A virtual assistant is someone you can assign accounting tasks as well as other remote work. Similar to virtual accountants, accounting VAs can also use accounting software and other online tools. Unlike virtual accountants, a VA need not have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or hold a CPA license. Still, they might take up remote accounting positions if they have the necessary expertise.

Even with lower accounting qualifications, experienced and trained VAs can still execute accounting tasks expertly. The common practice today is to hire accounting VAs to perform daily routine accounting tasks. You can then hire a freelance accountant whenever you need an expert for financial analysis, legal accounting, fact-checking accounting data, etc.

When Do I Need a VA For Accounting?

Below are the instances and reasons for hiring a virtual assistant to help you with accounting:

  • You don’t have an in-house accountant: Remote accounting positions are ideal for you if you recognize the importance of an accountant but can’t afford one full-time.
  • You lack the accounting knowledge or interest: What is remote accounting? If you’re unfamiliar with these intricacies, a VA can bridge the knowledge gap.
  • You want to lighten your workload: Accounting tasks handled by a VA can help distribute your tasks efficiently.

Remote Accounting Tasks To Assign

Before you start your job search for your accounting VA, decide on the tasks to assign to them. Here are some remote accounting tasks they can take on:

Monitor payments and collections

Paying your bills and collecting payments for your products and services are some of the easiest tasks to do. But as your company grows, the number of these business transactions can get overwhelming.

A virtual assistant specializing in remote accounting positions can file and organize the transaction details of your bills and receipts. A VA can monitor which payments need to be collected, bills that need to be paid, etc. They provide reminders to ensure timely payment and prevent missed collections.

Manage payroll

You can also assign your VA to be your payroll assistant. They can help process employee timesheets and make the necessary salary computations. As a payroll administrator, your accounting VA can provide reports that give you insights into the salary and productivity of your employees.

Prepare balance sheets and profit/loss accounts

Preparing balance sheets and P/L accounts is one of the basic bookkeeping tasks that do not need CPA-level expertise. These tasks are necessary for accurate financial reports and smooth business management.

Your accounting VA can easily perform data entry into any accounting software or online tool you use. An accounting VA can give you timely and accessible information from any work location.

Reconcile bank statements and financial records

Using financial software may make you think that you’ve got your accounting finance covered. But you still need to reconcile your bank statements and financial records at the end of each month.

An accounting VA can help maintain your financial data’s accuracy and ensure that these match the data on your bank statements. No matter how careful you are, duplicate entries and missing details can still occur. You need a detail-oriented VA to pass a fine eye and maintain accuracy over your records.

Prepare records for tax filing

Admit it: filing taxes is never fun. And if you’re like most business owners, you are likely to put off preparing your tax files until the last minute. Early preparation lets you have time to review and double-check your records.

An accounting VA can fill out tax forms and prepare all the necessary records for tax filing. They can look into missed receipts, expenses, tax deductibles, accounts payable, etc. They can also assist you in reviewing all your transactions and even help you qualify for tax rebates.

Other remote accounting jobs

Unlike accountants, who you hire for specific accounting duties, a virtual assistant specializing in remote accounting positions is flexible. For example, when you hire a virtual accountant to deal with accounts payable or tax-related accounting, you can’t easily assign them other accounting jobs.

A virtual assistant can manage daily accounting tasks and is open to accepting other administrative duties if needed. As long as you have tasks you need to be done, you can trust a VA to do that for you. With a VA, you can assign other responsibilities on the off chance that you run out of remote accounting jobs to delegate.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant For Accounting

Remote accounting positions managed by virtual assistants are in demand for their flexibility, cost savings, and efficiency. Let’s agree that hiring an accounting VA is the ultimate answer to your accounting finance, data entry, and bookkeeping needs.

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