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When you search the internet for online jobs, most of the posts you’ll see are virtual assistant jobs. Virtual assistant jobs have experienced close to 5% growth yearly since 2020. And this growth is expected to continue until 2025.

The popularity of virtual assistants is due to the rise in startups and online businesses. Because these business models rely heavily on virtual assistant tools and computer software, anyone with access to these tools can work from any location. A business owner or manager can, therefore, easily hire virtual assistants for their company’s remote tasks. 

In our previous article on how to become an online  assistant, we defined the roles of a virtual assistant or VA. Specifically, we delved into what can a virtual assistant do. We also discussed the benefits of hiring one and the steps to becoming the best virtual assistant.

In this article, we’ll further discuss the types of services that a virtual assistant can provide. If you are interested in entering this field, you might be wondering how to become a virtual assistant part-time or even full-time. You will also read about the different virtual assistant qualifications one might need to secure a job in this sector. Having the right virtual assistant qualification can make you stand out in this competitive field.

For those of you looking to get started in this career, how to become an online assistant and what tools and skills a virtual assistant needs are likely questions on your mind. Stay tuned for more information on this ever-growing field.

General Virtual Assistant Jobs & Tools

What can virtual assistants do? What are the right tools they need for the job?

The tasks and duties of virtual assistants vary depending on their clients and the industry they are in. Below are the common virtual assistant services that potential clients need.

File management

Virtual assistants can help clients organize their files and documents. File management involves downloading and converting files, setting up filing records, spreadsheet management, and creating backups. File management may seem like a simple and unimportant task, but accessible and uncluttered files can free large amounts of valuable time for busy small business owners. 

Email and communications

Virtual assistant jobs can also include sending emails, responding to social media messages, answering phone calls, etc. Virtual assistants performing these tasks benefit online stores or businesses involved in email marketing and social media marketing. For those considering this career, knowing how to manage communications efficiently can be a crucial virtual assistant qualification.

Calendar management

A virtual assistant can also handle scheduling appointments, booking fights or travel arrangements, and managing calendars for their clients. Also referred to as an executive assistant, administrative assistant, or personal assistant, this type of virtual assistant helps managers or business owners with time management. Calendar management is often included in lists of virtual assistant qualifications needed for a comprehensive skill set.

Data entry and basic accounting

Several virtual assistant jobs also involve recording data, updating inventory, and other basic accounting activities. Clients can assign a virtual assistant to help with sorting receipts, recording business expenses, billing clients, or preparing documents for accounting.

Online research

Virtual assistants can perform online research and information gathering for their clients. Clients requiring these services can include writers, content creators, reporters, and other professionals. Clients who need to purchase products for business or personal purposes can also hire virtual assistants to research potential vendors or suppliers and find the best deals. Those pondering how to become a virtual assistant part-time or full-time should consider building competencies in data entry and basic accounting.

Specific Virtual Assistant Jobs

Aside from the above administrative tasks, some virtual assistant jobs may require specialized knowledge. The following are additional roles for a virtual assistant that needs an educational background, training, or significant experience to perform.

Social media management

Managing a client’s social media accounts requires more experience and background in digital marketing. More than replying to messages and creating posts, this task involves understanding a client’s brand and professional network, analyzing how social media platforms work, and expertise in increasing engagement and promoting social media presence. Here, familiarity with various virtual assistant tools specifically for social media management can be an asset.

Search engine optimization (SEO) writing

SEO writing is more than freelance writing and requires virtual assistants with extensive experience in writing content that aim to rank high in search engine results. This task needs virtual assistants who can use SEO tools to perform keyword analysis, search engine results page (SERP) analysis, site analysis, etc. Virtual assistants with SEO writing skills are valuable for writing content for e-commerce websites, articles, blog posts, and social media.

Graphic design

woman showing what can a virtual assistant do

A virtual assistant with a background and experience in graphic design can help with creating logos, social media graphics, infographics, and other design elements for their clients. Virtual assistants who can create graphics for a website can also be assigned to perform website management and basic site maintenance.

Information technology (IT)

Another example of the most in-demand virtual assistant skills is technical IT skills. These skills allow a virtual assistant to help clients manage software programs, develop websites, troubleshoot apps or IT tools, and perform system updates and security checks. An IT virtual assistant can also provide technical support for their client’s customers.


A client may need a virtual assistant with advanced accounting skills and qualifications, like a certified public accountant (CPA). Remote CPA assistants or virtual CPAs have the technical knowledge and experience of a CPA with the flexibility of a virtual assistant. They can help with accounting tasks such as bookkeeping, budgeting, preparing tax records and forms, cash and finance management, and more.

Medical scheduling & coding

A virtual assistant job can also include healthcare-related tasks, including scheduling and confirming medical appointments, processing billing, and organizing medical records. Aside from these, a virtual medical assistant can also help with medical data entry, insurance billing, and managing other administrative tasks for doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Ways To Become a Virtual Assistant

So, do you think you can do one or a combination of the tasks listed above? If so, let’s discuss how to find virtual assistant jobs. We listed the different ways below:


Chances are you know someone with a full-time or part-time virtual assistant job. That person can refer you to their client or employer or to the online job resources they used to find their position. You can also ask for valuable first-hand tips and tricks to become a virtual assistant. Virtual assistant tools like referral programs can come in handy for making connections.

Social media

If your personal network doesn’t include a virtual assistant who can refer you, you can turn to social media. Various social media management tools can help you verify the legitimacy of virtual assistant job openings on Facebook groups and similar platforms. Remember to maintain a strong social media presence and an effective social media strategy for maximum visibility.

To ensure your safety and protection from scams and fraud, we recommend you do the necessary background check and research before accepting a client you met through social media. 

Search engine

Using search engines can be an effective way to find virtual assistant jobs that best fits your experience and educational background. Search engines will likely direct you to online job boards or virtual assistant agency websites. These websites are discussed on items 3-4. Virtual assistant tools designed for SEO can also help you optimize your online presence so potential employers can find you easily. These software tools, often available in free versions, can be valuable assistant tools for your job search.

Online job board

Similar to traditional bulletin boards, online job boards are websites where employers and clients advertise for virtual assistants. Applicants like you can apply for available jobs or create advertisements for clients. 

There are many types of online job boards depending on the location of the business or virtual assistant. There are also online job boards that focus on the virtual assistant job, while others cater to all types of remote work. These platforms often include project management tools and time-tracking tools for both employers and virtual assistants.

Most online job boards vet the companies and applicants that use their sites to ensure a safe and legitimate hiring process. It may take some time to look through postings, but you have an excellent chance of finding the best virtual assistant positions this way.

Virtual assistant agencies

Virtual assistant agencies or firms are online companies that manage an extensive network of virtual assistants and clients. These firms do not hire virtual assistants, but they connect them with clients who will use and pay for their services. 

One of the main advantages of virtual assistant agencies is that applicants do not search for clients, but clients come to them. The same is true for clients looking for virtual assistants. The agency takes care of selecting and connecting applicants according to their requirements and suitability. The downside is that agencies can charge clients too much and pay their virtual assistants too little.

Own virtual assistant business

You can also create a website to post your qualifications so clients can hire you directly. Having your own business means you can choose which clients and type of business to take in. And, of course, you receive your virtual assistant salary in full. 

Starting your own VA business requires a solid online portfolio of your virtual assistant outputs. You will probably need help managing multiple clients and the administrative tasks that come with this. If successful, you might need to hire other virtual assistants to help you with your business.

You’ll also need to invest in a variety of virtual assistant software tools, including time management, document management, and password management tools, as well as financial tools for tracking expenses.

Why Choose Remote Raven?

If you’re convinced that a virtual assistant job is for you but are wondering what can a virtual assistant can do or how to become a virtual assistant part-time, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Remote Raven, we provide the professional network and virtual assistant tools you need to find the best clients for your skills.

Remote Raven has been finding virtual assistant jobs for exceptional individuals for years. We started as a one-VA business which grew into the digital community we are today. We know what a VA needs to be effective, and that is client-virtual assistant compatibility. Qualifications and technical skills are well and good, but compatibility is what sustains great working conditions.

Being a VA at Remote Raven comes with the following benefits:

  1. Saves time for more clients
    Remote Raven only connects you with clients we are sure you will be compatible with and who will value virtual assistance from you. You save time looking through countless job postings and preparing different resume versions to send to clients. And this time saved means more time to do your virtual assistant duties and, thus, earn more.
  2. Higher chances of getting hired
    Remote Raven promotes your application to the prospective clients chosen for you. And these clients trust and rely on our excellent track record of providing professional and hard-working virtual assistants. We also provide virtual assistant training to ensure that you will impress any client referred to you.
  3. Competitive salary rates
    Remote Raven offers competitive salary packages for our virtual assistants. You are welcome to compare our rates with other firms you can find. We can assure you that we pay fair salaries for our VAs and charge standard rates for clients. We only take the legal and honest amount for our services, which include providing support for VAs, managing timesheets, processing payrolls, and conducting interviews and client consultations.
  4. Protection from clients
    Remote Raven protects you from clients who fail to pay or try to abuse your services. Sadly, this is still a common occurrence with many clients. With the fast turnover of startups and online businesses, it’s unavoidable for VAs to encounter clients who are unable to pay for their services at some point. In most cases, we take responsibility for these clients and pay our virtual assistants for the services they render regardless.

Are these good enough reasons for you? Then choose Remote Raven and start growing your virtual assistant career today! We’ll provide you with all the tools and support you need. From project management to Google Calendar, Google Drive, and various other tools, we equip you with the best virtual assistant software tools, some of which even come in a free version, to make sure you can provide top-notch virtual assistance. Click here to get started.