Did You Know? A Chemist Formulator Can Work From Home

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What Is Formulation Chemistry?

According to the American Chemical Society, formulation chemistry is the branch of manufacturing that deals with substances that do not react with each other, but contribute to the final product in some way.

Experts defined formulation as a mixture of chemicals with desired characteristics for a particular application. The specific chemicals in a formulation are chosen for their characteristics that, when mixed, create the desired properties in the mixture. A person with significant knowledge of creating formulations is called a chemist formulator or formulation chemist.

According to a study, formulation chemists can spend months or years working to find the correct mixture of raw materials in the precise amounts needed to create the exact product that is desired. They take into consideration areas such as how the product will be used, cost, the quality of the product, stability, the desired effects or outcomes, and any potential negative effects on the market. The formulation then goes through rigorous testing to make sure that an idea is safe for its intended purpose, transportation, and storage.

Career Course For Formulation Chemists

Most opportunities for chemist formulators are with large manufacturing companies in a variety of industries. Formulation chemists have a variety of specializations to choose from depending on where they wish to work. While some chemists work in large companies that produce and manufacture a wide variety of products, others may work in a facility that only manufactures a few items for niche markets, according to SRG Recruitment.

The most common specializations to pursue as a formulation chemist include:

  • Pesticides and insecticides
  • Paints and coatings
  • Foods
  • Adhesives
  • Cosmetics and fragrances
  • Household products
  • Pharmaceuticals

Common Job Functions Of Chemist Formulator

Formulation chemists are commonly based in the laboratory. They are employed to concoct new formulations or improve existing formulations to meet desired criteria. In creating a new formula, they conduct a series of experiments to establish the best ingredients and method required for formulation.

A good chemist can develop a formula that is cost-efficient, effective, and safe. The process of testing an idea, putting together raw materials, and formulating new mixtures involves trial and error. It can also be supported by a piece of specific computer equipment to predict the properties of a particular combination of ingredients.

Formulation chemists play an important role when it comes to understanding and optimizing aspects such as shelf-life, biodegradability, texture, adhesion, weather resistance, rheology, and environmental impact.

According to Indeed, the duties of a formulation chemist may include the following:

  • Conducting research and studies
  • Mixing nonreactive substances to create new or existing products
  • Measuring different quantities to ensure accuracy
  • Experimenting and testing new combinations of raw materials especially when making cosmetics
  • Assessing and updating formulas depending on the needs of the manufacturer
  • Managing clinical trials and panel tests for the organization
  • Developing prototypes for focus groups
  • Researching the best way to create new chemical combinations
  • Collaborating with other chemists on the team

Skills And Qualifications To Become A Good Chemist

  1. Deep Understanding of Chemistry

A post published by Indeed said formulation chemists combine a variety of chemicals and experiment with new combinations of ingredients. So in order to ensure the safe use and disposal of these chemicals, they should possess an excellent knowledge of chemistry. This understanding includes a thorough familiarity with inert ingredients and the different chemical formulas affecting them.

The comprehension of the basics of chemistry allows an individual to optimize the use of chemicals and understand the properties of various substances to produce the best possible results for their clients.

  1. Exceptional Math Skills

Formulation chemists are expected to possess exceptional math skills since they are responsible for measuring different quantities of ingredients and evaluating various chemical formulas.

Complex math abilities will ensure a person’s capability to make important calculations and ensure accurate measurements when researching and experimenting with a new formula.

  1. Natural Problem Solver

Because formulation chemists regularly engage in testing and experimentation, it is an advantage to be always curious and interested in arriving at the best possible formula for the organization.

Chemists should have expertise in the development process and how to determine the proper substances and way of formulating to achieve the goal of any project.

  1. Research Skills

Before developing any new formulas or improving the old ones, a chemist should first conduct research and openly discuss with the team and any relevant contact person.

The healthcare industry and several other industries have a vast history. A smart chemist will look into records of related organizations in order to have a deeper understanding of a project assigned to them. To keep the waste of raw materials to a minimum, research is important because it reveals any previous successes and failures of various endeavors in the field.

  1. Education

It is a reality that big companies and even startup businesses prefer hiring a chemist with a notable science degree. The tasks of a formulation chemist are neither basic nor simple since they are regularly exposed to chemicals in the lab and are required to develop a formula perfect for the product desired by the market.

The most common college degrees that qualify a formulation chemist for the job are chemistry, pharmacy, cosmetic science, and biochemistry.

  1. Training

According to Indeed, several large manufacturing facilities and companies that employ formulation chemists prefer that they have formal training in their chosen area of expertise or specialty.

For example, a cosmetic formulator may require specialized training in developing cosmetics products, beauty products, and hair products–such as skin creams, perfumes, soaps, makeup, and shampoos. Completing training allows chemists to develop a better understanding of the formulation science of a specific industry.

In the right place, like universities, aspiring chemists may seek practical training opportunities in formulation chemistry, enabling them to learn about different development processes and services.

  1. Experience

Post formal education, a chemist can become more knowledgeable about their field by joining an organization with a competent team of chemists. By working and providing services to different lab settings, a chemist obtaining professional experience may involve handling different chemicals, interacting with other lab professionals, and performing routine clerical services such as collecting glassware and cleaning equipment. Many formulation chemists begin their careers by working in an entry-level position as a lab assistant, laboratory technician, assistant chemist, or assistant researcher.

Can It Be Done Remotely?

The continuous advancement of technology has allowed various job positions to be fulfilled remotely. An example of an atypical job that can be done in a work-from-home setup is a formulation chemist.

How To Hire A Work-From-Home Chemist

A quick search online will show multiple job openings from different companies looking to hire remote chemist formulators. At home, with the proper biochemistry tools, science equipment, and gadgets, a chemist can perform their various tasks.

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